Dog Training for the Dog Owner from Pet to a Shooting Persons Companion




We can help you to train your dog or we can train your dog
We can offer a number of training solutions designed to suit you and what you require from your dog. Not all people require the same type of dog training. The results we aim for are that when your dog is out with you in the park, hunting up whilst beating or rough shooting, sitting whilst been on driven game, picking up or simply been in your company working as a team “You have a relaxed day and enjoy the day with your dog”. A well trained dog is a pleasure to watch and to be with.
We can offer the following
One To One Basic Training (£ 20 per Hour)
This incorporates heel work, sitting and staying, retrieving dummies and handling work. We have an initial session to assess were your dog and you are at before training commences (£25.00)
Problem’s ( £20 hour)
Are you having one particular problem with you dog training, we can help and stage most scenarios to help resolve this
Training to first shoot day (cost depends on facilities used)
We have the facilities to train a dog to be ready for its first shoot day. We can provide a training programme that you work to only returning when you need further help. Once your dog has become steady and obedient we can stage various scenarios to simulate a shoot/beating day, including pushing up hedgerows and walking through cover and utilising our fields to teach sit to flush on rabbits.
Residential Dog training ( £100 per week or £20.00 per individual day)
We have a small number of kennels which we use for Clients dogs who come in for residential training.
Advanced Training/ Trialling
Unfortunately we do not have the facilities for advanced training, however we can put you in contact with other trainers who have the trialling experience and suitable facilities for you to have game shot for your dog.
We have had a number of clients this year here with their dogs for training and also some dogs in for residential training all have now gone away and are enjoying their dogs at home and in the shooting field. We have tried to make sure that all the clients have gone away armed with the skills sets to maintain their dogs training themselves and yet remain here if ever they require more advice.