what has just happened
six puppies just hours old
a caring mums comfort
first day and all is well
izzy the mum looking heathy on day 3 of pups been born
life is good for one little female
will they all fit in another week
not sure where i am going but will walk anyway
proud grandma jess cautiously taking a peep
so tired at 3 weeks
3 weeks old group shot 1
3 weeks old group shot 2
sleepy male at 3 weeks
the only male in the litter resting whilst he can
all 6 pups at 5 weeks
at 3 weeks young pups out and about
at 4 weeks and enjoying their tea
at 4 weeks sleep follows play
curious at 5 weeks
eye contact at 5 weeks
hi at 5 weeks
life outside the whelp box at 3 4 weeks
new smells at 5 weeks
one female taking the new world all in at 5 weeks
puppies at 3 weeks still with mum
puppies at 4 weeks trying out solid food 1
pups learning independence at 5 weeks
starting to get about 3 4 weeks
sweet and innocent female at 5 weeks
taking shade at 5 weeks

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