Part Trained English Springer Spaniels, Cocker Spaniels

and Labrador Retrievers.

Due to the continued requests by potential clients we have put together a programme that will make available part trained gundogs for the shooting person and also to see if any would be suitable for trialling. We are starting this year with English Springer Spaniels followed later in the year with the addition of Labrador Retrievers and Cocker Spaniels. The programme will make available part trained dogs at various stages of training which can be purchased as a puppy and brought on here by myself to the level required or purchased at a certain age for finishing off by their new owners . This gives potential new owners the ability to select a dog suitable for their requirements, puppies change as they grow and it is often difficult to select the correct gundog for our needs at 8 weeks. After this age their personalities and abilities shine through and a more accurate assessment of them can be made.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.





All our young puppies are well socialised here as we feel that it is a very important time in their lives.  By 3 months they will have seen other dogs, been in the back of the vehicle, seen children and played with them (grand children are so useful), they will have without realising it been taught recall, keeping close with me, and will have oodles of confidence building. They will have faced light cover and stick piles but all the time in their own time and with fun. Of course the hardest bit of their training will be that they will have had lots and lots of handling and cuddles.




At the age of 3 months they will start basic retrieves and hunting and so by 6 months they will be kindly on a lead, sit and be able to undertake various retrieves depending on their speed to learn and ability. Mainly they will have learnt to stay close, hunt with their nose and want to come back to me and tightly in when recalled and when they have an object in their mouth.



By the time they have reached a year old, time of year permitting they will have heard shot, been in water, been out and about with the older dogs in the vehicle/dog box, learnt about handling ie left right and go back. They will have been schooled in their hunting pattern and have learnt to sit and stay at a distance on command. If their age is right they will have come with me when I have been dogging back the game birds and so will have had plenty of game scent under their noses and have done some hunting up albeit in the quieter areas so that they dont see too much game. By this age their personalities, abilities and stature will have developed and so they will be at a good age to be placed with new owners appropriately.