Hi my name is Sue Hewitt and I have been surrounded by Gundogs since I was seven years old. My Dad was a very active Wildfowler and trialled Labrador Retrievers and was secretary for the Barton club for years.  Whilst my friends were learning to apply make up in an evening after school he would have me down the fields, stood in a ditch throwing canvas dummies for him and his dogs. Weekends saw us helping at the Barton Gundog Club's Working Tests on The River Humber bank and this is where I met people who were passionate about their dogs and who had so much time for me and gave me alot of advice, these are the people who gave me a foundation to work from with my own dogs. It is my time to give something back as I am now the acting secretary for the Barton on Humber Gundog Club.

A lot of years have past since then and I have become a wife to Wayne and a Mum to children who have now grown up. I have worked for many years in commercial selling and then I changed profession completely to provide care and  mobility to the profoundly handicapped. These children taught me so much about patience, small milestones and tolerance.  I still had time for my working dogs but only on a minimal basis, as working took so much time up of my day.  I managed to help on working test and trial days for local clubs and the odd day out beating or rough shooting.  



 A couple of years ago an opportunity came along for me to work as an Asistant Kennel Manager for a professional gundog kennels in Dumfriesshire Scotland.  My husband and I seized the opportunity of working on an Estate although he would still be working away part of the time but was prepared to help all he could when he was at home.  My role gave me insight into training quality gundogs, gundog demonstrations, group training days and meeting, greeting and contacting clients. In general the day to day running and responsibility of a professional kennels. My knowledge of whelping and rearing puppies until they were about 6 months old, working with gundogs and my business sales experience was fully utilised. More importantly however was the patience and caring side which I had learnt through experiences of life which enabled me to look after the welfare of a high number of dogs and puppies at all times even when the days were long.  

Unfortunately due to personal family reasons we were unable to remain in Scotland and had to come back to our home base in North Lincolnshire. Although this was a really sad time as we were intending to stay for much much longer but with our team of dogs with us we were able to continue were we had left off.  It has been good to see our old friends again on shoot days and getting the dogs put through their paces again and getting their training upto standard. We have been fortunate to find our new property with the land around it and are now looking forward to the future and implementing the ideas we have. Over the next few years we hope to have the land utilised for basic training upto the shooting dog's first day out and tie in training days for all types of gundogs taken by some of the trainers and judges on the circuit at this moment in time.  

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